• Supplier of pens and other consumables
Supplier of pens and other consumables

General Presentation

Our customer is a company primarily known for its pens, but it also produces razors, sailing boats, lighters and mobile phones.

As part of its activities to create new products or assembled products, the group seeks to develop its management applications tools used for creating new products (Product Creation Form - PCF).

  • Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution group

General Presentation

Our partnership with Aberdeen Services located in Belgium has widen Spoon Consulting’s portfolio in terms of new technology and worldwide prospects in the Sage X3 ERP.

The role of Spoon Consulting in this partnership is to act as the support and development center to cater for various clients around the world.

  • Individual houses
Franchise network for Individual houses

General Presentation

Our customer is the leading manufacturer of single-family prebuilt homes and among the first french manufacturers of  houses.

It launched in 2011 the overall redesign of its IT to bring together all the internal tools and franchisees in a platform (CRM and covering a broad functional scope: