Remote Delivery Model

Our service offerings are tailored for each client to bring value within a framework,
called Remote Delivery Model which secures delivery schedule, budget and quality.



Remote Delivery Model Contractual Framework Service level agreements Delivery Framework
Our Delivery Model covers two main topics:
A contractual framework to agree and guarantee our commitments
Fixed price contracts for implementation activities,
Service Level Agreements for sustain phase activities;
A delivery framework to implement this contractual framework in terms of organization, roles and responsibilities and delivery processes.

For fixed price contracts, we have developed methodologies and tools to manage in transparency with our clients the key elements of a fixed price deal.

  • Process and Requirements Breakdown Structure to refine scope of services and monitor scope changes during the implementation,
  • Metrics refined per type of component and technology supplemented by standard ratios to provide a comprehensive and easy to use quotation tool.

Service level agreements are essential to manage adequately long term agreements for outsourcing processes. They should cover:

  • Metrics to define volumes and performances goals,
  • Reporting and measurement process,
  • Financials and penalties management,
  • Duties and responsibilities of each party.

Our expertise allows us to define metrics and performance goals with two main characteristics:

  • Ability to reflect client activity evolution and business value,
  • Ability to provide commitment on end to end process and critical client activities.

Our delivery framework is built to create to address the following questions:

  • how to manage remote delivery?
  • how to create proximity between teams?
  • how to implement the technical infrastructure?
  • how to deliver components with the right level of quality?
  • how to plan and schedule delivery components?