Software Vendors 

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The most innovative platform to build up your clients

The best software applications and technologies to provide a fully integrated and comprehensive solution for the success of your enterprise  

The leading worldwide provider of enterprise class software subscriptions, support, and tools for PostgreSQL, that enable enterprises to reduce their reliance on costly proprietary solutions.

The best computing platform and infrastructure to empower IT in the clouds 


Strategic Partners

                                                                TWELVE Consulting, parnter of Spoon consulting                                                       


Aberdeen services Twelve consulting 

Aberdeen Services is a consulting firm in management, organization , finance and information technology.

Thanks to the support we provide to our customers, the company thrives on an international  level  across Europe, Asia, South America and  Africa managing  offices in Brussels, Paris and Bangkok.

A  support center  with both technical and functional skills has been founded in Mauritius where a bilingual and expert team  operates with a full speed regime throughout the worldwide projects.   

Twelve is  a consulting firm focused on banking , insurance and healthcare with a major objective of  digital transformation of his clients, providing them with the most innovative platforms and the best customer care .

The team composed of highly skilled functional and technical experts fully dedicated  to guiding their clients towards the most innovative infrastructure,  aligning new technologies to business needs.

Twelve Consulting, together with Spoon is involved in large innovative projects  with the mission of  clients’ support, training and coaching throughout a whole project lifecycle 


Salesforce Partners



 Avenir Green

 Act as a front office structure closely binded with Spoon Consulting to build a unique value proposition on the French market built upon the following drivers:

  • Cost effectiveness through a unique mix of front office / back office dedicated resources
  • Reliable and high quality delivery
  • Flexible and smart project management
  • A team of experts with both technical and functional knowledge  on CRM and Web integration projects

Provides IT and Onshore and offshore related to Oracle eBusiness Suite .
Our team is composed of technical and functional skills which allows a sound understanding of the various subjects to provide end to end solutions from the analysis to the production phase.

Our service offerings and delivery models are built on a unique mix of ERP expertise and offshore enabled  processes.

Kertios together with  Spoon Consulting are fully responsible of   large and very challenging  implementation projects on an international scale ( France, Russia, Azerbaijan, etc.)

Influence brings together unique skills in business process expertise and marketing.

We organize the transfer of Best Practices for Marketing and Sales for your teams through on site consulting workshops.

Our commitment provides our clients with best accelerators and most efficient solutions aligned with their needs.

Influence together with Spoon Consulting work towards Innovation on cloud technologies thanks to their complementary commercial skills , technical expertise, software support and delivery competences. 

Is a consulting firm providing strategic solutions  based on an efficient combination  of  innovative technologies and   « développement durable » .

Major services offered are  :

  • Design and implementation of    solution
  • Clients’ supprt , training  and   coaching
  • Empowering clients towards digital and innovative solutions based on
  • Change Management 

Global System Integrator