Joshita's testimonial



Why did you choose IT and Spoon Consulting ?
At the time the field of IT was growing and flourishing in Mauritius, I made my choice for my studies in computer science. The prospects to begin my career were numerous and amongst them Spoon Consulting. Being consultants working on all the different phases of a project  is interesting and very enriching experience. Front  office contact with our clients greatly helps in the development of our autonomy.


What is your position at Spoon ? Which are the most impressive projects ? What are your ambitions for the future ?
I am now a consultant with 3 years experience in Sage X3 technology.
The project that have the most impressed me is THPC, as I had the opportunity  to bring my expertise to the customers in Thailand and Laos. Moreover, I’ve been training end users in  Spain and France.
I really hope to be a versatile consultant with the appropriate Sage certification


5 Words to describe yourself within Spoon Consulting
#Confident,  #Enthusiastic,  #Thirst-for-knowledge,  #Determined,  #Awesome


The « mot de la fin »
The adventure at Spoon not only allowed me to enrich my professional career path  but also strengthen my personality.