ERP Enabled Projects








Large Transformation ERP enabled projects Design and Build

Our goal is to provide support to our clients during the whole lifecycle of large transformation projects with specific expertises.

Project and Roll Out strategy
Spoon management team involvement in successful projects gives us the maturity and methodology to support our clients in defining appropriate project strategies, namely:

  • Roll out strategy (scope, organization, big bang vs phased approach, pilot site),
  • Back office strategy (front office vs back office, site vs remote activities, organisation, tools and processes),
  • Go live strategy (data migration strategy, cut to live strategy, on site support, post go live support),
  • Sustain phase strategy (hand over from project organisation, call to resolution process, front line,level 1, level 2 and 3 processes, release management)

Architecture Design
A key success factor for large transformation projects is the linkage between strategy and operational schemes. Detailed and robust architecture designs should create and maintain this linkage throughout all phases of an implementation project. We have developed within Spoon skills and cross boundaries ways of thinking to tackle and deliver architecture design works.


Testing Management
Testing is always time consuming and if not properly managed creates quality issues or even delays go live. Remote back offices create constraints but can also be considered as a unique opportunity to implement efficient and added value testing processes. Spoon has developed its own processes to support various tests cycles using state of the art testing tools.

Development for large ERP or Bespoke Oracle systems
Our technical teams receive specific training to be efficient in an ERP environment with a thorough understanding of the business context of each process. We also developed very strict guidelines to identify the less intrusive solution for a given requirement with an on going concern for future maintenance.

Migration and Data Loading
Our tools for data loading cover most objects within E business suite with a comprehensive and structured process which secure the overall process and manage the various situations to be faced during data loading poor quality data, complex transformation rules, large volumes, …)

Integrate and Implement Multiple sites and bilingual Production systems support

Training materials and Delivery
In a multiple site implementation, training materials need to be updated to reflect the local context and business rules. We can produce these training materials as a by product of other processes and documents.

Integration and non regression testing
Integration activities require to apply a strict methodology and a certain level of automation. A key success factor is to align environment strategy with integration strategy and schedule.

Cut to live
Our experience is that cut to live activities are too critical to be entirely managed from a remote site. We recommend to spread the team between on site and remote participants. This allows also to take advantage of the time difference to manage longer working.

We have dedicated teams to manage support processes for large and/or multiple sites systems in production, namely:

  • Call to Resolution: We have implemented a platform with a unique set of processes, tools, skills to meet specific requirements of large live E-business suite clients and deal with easy to fix issues and questions:
    • in house knowledge base to support resolution process,
    • senior analysts for more complex defects,
    • automated delivery process to secure move to production.
  • User support: On top of their technical skills, our teams combine business and service oriented mindset, language proficiency as well as cultural proximity to offer an excellent support in any situation.