Network monitoring systems

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Network monitoring systems
AppExchange "AppsWork" solution

General Presentation

Our customer is a company specialized in providing services including network monitoring and optimization around cloud computing applications.

It has launched a new service dedicated to SMB in the U.S.. In this context, it has decided to commercialize a platform for monitoring  network status.

Salesforce platform was chosen as well as the AppExchange marketing method to allow effective and rapid deployment of the monitoring tool.

The platform is interfaced with the history tool  "Salsa".


Key Figures

Our  Team :

  • 1 Delivery Manager
  • 2 Technical and functional consultants


We participated in all phases of construction of the monitoring platform from the  "Proof of Concept" to validate the viability  and  sustainability of the platform until the implementation on AppExchange (Trialforce):

  • Design and Construction of the solution
  • Security review
  • Trialforce and LMA configuration
  • Production Support

Since the start of the AppsWork marketing , we contribute to the development of new versions including the enhancements and new functions design.