Manufacturer of wireless devices

  • Manufacturer of wireless devices
Manufacturer of wireless devices
Customer Service / CRM for field sales / Marketing operations

General Presentation

Our customer is the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of wireless devices.

It chose Salesforce platform since it provides a set of applications for managing front office:

  • Project 1: Customer Service for support and After Sales Service
  • Project 2: CRM for sales & field demonstration
  • Project 3: Managing the process of approval of expenditures for operations of Trade Marketing


Key Figures

Around 100 days load spread over 3 projects

Our  Team :

  • 1 Delivery Manager
  • 2 consultants technical and functional


We intervened in the entire process of implementation of the various Salesforce bricks.

  • Solution Design & conduct workshops
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Setup and configuration of the solution
  • Specific developments
  • Configuration and development
  • Tests
  • Support in the initial start-up