Franchise network for Individual houses

  • Individual houses
Franchise network for Individual houses
Redesign of IT franchises and back office

General Presentation

Our customer is the leading manufacturer of single-family prebuilt homes and among the first french manufacturers of  houses.

It launched in 2011 the overall redesign of its IT to bring together all the internal tools and franchisees in a platform (CRM and covering a broad functional scope:

  • Managing enterprise repositories (franchisees sites, partners, territory ...)
  • Marketing and acquisition of new franchisees
  • Sales and monitoring of projects
  • Administrative monitoring and billing sites


Key Figures

Workload: 250 days on all project phases for the offshore team

Our Team :

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Delivery Manager
  • 5 Technical and functional consultants


In collaboration with the integrator in charge of the project, we worked in the following areas:

  • Solution design
  • Workshop animation
  • Solution design
  • Solution construction
  • Configuration and development
  • Solution Testing
  • Users Support  & Training
  • Data recovery
  • On site Support