Finance, Public Sector & NGO

Finance, Public Sector & NGO

General Presentation

Our Client is a Maltese bank and financial services company with headquarters in Sliema.

The project scope was to implement a high availability architecture using an open source database namely PostgreSQL for their BI system.

The architecture was designed by MokaDB Architects and the solution was implemented by certified MokaDB consultants using EnterpriseDB tools as well as community tools.


Key Figures

The team consisted of

  • 2 senior consultants
  • 1 confirmed consultant and
  • 3 consultants all off site


The major achievement consisted of the setting up three servers with high availability, two located in Malta and one located in Belgium which is also a disaster recovery site.

Daily backups were also implemented and automated with regular alerts to the operational team in case of any errors.

The project timeline was 30 men days and it was delivered on time and to client satisfaction.