Finance, Public Sector & NGO

Finance, Public Sector & NGO

General Presentation

Our client delivers solutions to businesses, institutions and high-net-worth individuals along a wide range of competencies:

  • Corporate Management;
  • Private Wealth Services;
  • Corporate Finance Advisory;
  • Governance & Board Services;
  • Financial Analysis,
  • Control & Reporting;
  • Fund & Investor Services;
  • ICT; and Tax Services.

Our client enhances the Enterprise Value and the Investor Value of its clients through the use of International Financial Centres (IFCs) and business hubs. Our client needed an application to manage its existing portfolio of customers as well as being able to target prospects for marketing purposes. The Sales cloud was chosen as the solution to give each employee at our client a consolidated 360 view of each client and a detailed history of the interactions done.


Key Figures

Our  Team :

  • 1 Senior consultant
  • 1 consultant


Spoon conducted workshops and created a pilot application in order to help the client to have a real feel of the solution during conception phase.

We accompagnied the client in the testing of the requirements implemented in an agile methodology.

We had to create specific rules to ensure privacy on contacts and accounts according to the fincancial ISO certification of our client.

Reports and dashboards were initialised to allow users to have a proper followup.

A data migration was done to import the clients data.

Formal training was also given to end users and post golive support allowed to accompany the users in the proper usage of the application as well as to promote adoption.