Finance, Public Sector & NGO

Finance, Public Sector & NGO

General Presentation

Our client is one of the leading insurance and asset management groups in the world (more than 100 million customers in 57 countries). Salesforce technology solutions was chosen for its Marketing and Distribution units.Custom applications have also been developed to satisfy each entity requirements when needed. 

To accompany the various entities in their deployment projects, the DSI Group has set up a center of internal skills focusing on architectural choices and solutions and project setup.

The objective of the model used is to implement a realization scheme ensuring a rapid increase in workload and efficient resource allocation, competitive costs and ability to face the growing needs of European and other emerging countries.

Key Figures

Several Teams:

1 Delivery Manager
4 Senior Consultants
10 Technical and functional consultants to implement Salesforce in Asia bound countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) as well for France and Portugal


We work on different types of projects and missions.

Solution Expertise and architectural choices for the definition and implementation of reusable components.

Examples of projects:

  • E Application (underwriting process)
  • Distribution portal (Portal Agents)
  • Service Cloud
  • Internal innovation promotion process (bid process and evaluation of innovative projects)
  • Customer satisfaction module
  • Body parts bidding and sourcing application.

Countries in scope: Portugal, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, France.