We were proud to be amongst the privileged guests of ‘Oracle Partner Executive Forum South Africa’ held in Johannesburg on the 13th November. 
Spoon Consulting was sponsor of the third edition of Krakathon which was held over the weekend of 20 and 21 of October 2018. The term Krakathon derives from hackathon (a marathon of computer programming &  mathematical challenges) and the...
Women in Tech Week Festival, is the flagship festive event for powerful women across the globe. Women in Tech Africa took placed in Mauritius beginning on the 18th of September with a fantastic closing ceremony on 21th September. Spoon...
The second edition of the techstars startup weekend Mauritius 2018 took place from the 31 st August until September 2nd. 5 Spooners came out with an innovative project, their involvement in this challenging contest was another tangible proof pf...
Spoon Consulting hosted our seminar entitled “Senior Empowerment’ based on the following theme ‘ We hire smart people not to tell them what to do but to make them tell us what to do ‘. 
Spoon Consulting has welcomed 14 Fresh graduates who have stepped into their first profession.
On the occasion of the World Cup Russia 2018, Spoon Consulting sponsored vouchers for our Sport lovers, to watch live matches at La Pirogue Stadium. #sweden vs #england!  
Spoon Consulting célèbre les femmes dans les TIC en soutenant les ‘Girls In ICT Day’. Chez Spoon Consulting, 50 % de l’effectif est au féminin avec leurs compétences techniques et leur qualités humaines
Spoon Consulting was proud to be part of the Innovation Technology Community as speakers and sponsors.
Our Spooners were part of the brilliant people and passionate geeks who competed to come up with an innovative working prototype, improving Mauritian lives in the Banking experience.